We are very happy indeed that you have found us, because there is nothing we love more than sharing stories about our passion with you.

There is quite a lot involved prior to you being able to find our colourful Bromeliads in retail stores.

Our passionate and expert team ensures that our nursery is involved in sustainable production. We have a team and process that we are especially proud of. On this site, you will find information such as the processes we use and the different varieties that we grow.

If our passion is also of interest to you, please feel free to get in touch with us.

Björn & Siegfried Bunnik

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Our greenhouses produce many different colours and varieties of Bromeliads.

The Ananas is the best-known variety of Bromeliad in our collection, but we also produce Vrieseas, Guzmanias, Aechmeas and also Tillandsias.

These plants originate from the tropical rainforests of the middle and southern South Americas.

Species that are found in these regions have been used for propagation by enthusiast hobbyists and specialists. These specialists are regularly visited by Bjorn Bunnik in order to exchange information about consumer demands and to assess plants for their quality, colour, volume and growing habits.

Our ambition to constantly improve and innovate every year ensures that we test many new varieties; less than 2% ultimately passes all of the tests we impose for selection.

As a company we have unlimited levels of patience and maintain a long-term vision, because from the time of first selection until the final production program, the complete process takes a minimum of 10 years. 




Most of our Bromeliads are propagated by in-vitro techniques in specialised laboratories.

The new growth or ‘small clumps’ of Bromeliads are divided off into ‘singles’, replanted and sorted.

When these young plants are large enough, they are repotted.

To be able to supply uniform and high quality products all year round, the plants are sorted several times during cultivation and planted into larger pots.

To bring a Bromeliad into flower, we use the natural product Ethylene. By determining which plants have undergone this treatment, and taking into account market demands, we are able to plan our 




Our production is market-driven and every customer has their own specific needs and requirements. We pack our products complete with protection, external pots, labels etc. so they are all individually, ready-made retail items.

Our marketing team enjoys this dynamic and aims to have a more than satisfied customer for every single plant. 



Marketing and Sales

Sales and marketing of our beautiful plants is exclusively contracted out to the Bromeliad Specialist Association. This is a professional franchise formula that centrally manages marketing, communications, product development and sales for various Bromeliad nurseries.

Bromeliad Specialist: www.bromeliaspecialist.nl


Marketing and Sales


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Vandaag hebben een aantal collega’s een sportieve prestatie geleverd, namelijk mee gedaan aan de polderloop! Gert, Natasja, Emiel, Rowan, Yordan en Martine liepen de 4 km en Remco de 10 km! Goed gedaan allemaal. Ook de collega’s die kwamen kijken, bedankt!


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De nieuwbouw aan de Achterweg gaat de afrondende fase in. Er wordt door diverse partijen hard gewerkt zodat de kas begin augustus klaar is voor gebruik. Ook is de energie voorziening uitgebreid en in een nieuw gebouw geplaatst. We kijken er naar uit de kas vol te kunnen rijden met planten!


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Kom jij ons team versterken? We zijn op zoek naar nieuwe talenten. Dus wil je werken in een omgeving vol kleurrijke en tropische planten, kijk dan snel of er ook een vacature voor jou bij zit. CV en motivatiebrief kun je sturen naar mbunnik@bunnikvriesea.nl meer informatie www.bunnikvriesea.nl/vacatures


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Wil je werken in een omgeving vol kleurrijke en tropische planten? 🌿💚 Dat kan! Wij hebben een fulltime & parttime vacature beschikbaar. Enthousiast? Leuk! Je kunt jouw cv en motivatiebrief sturen naar mbunnik@bunnikvriesea.nl of bellen naar: 0297-328898. Misschien wel tot snel!


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We can rarely offer available vacancies.

Our team is currently complete and we have no immediate vacancies. However, if you dream about a future in greenhouses full of tropical Bromeliads, we would still love to hear from you!


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